5 Reasons Why Every Garden Should Have Some Art

5 Reasons Why Every Garden Should Have Some Art

5 Reasons Why Every Garden Should Have Some Art

When you were a kid, the backyard was the spot where you kicked around the football or played cricket. As an adult, you've got the task of making your garden inviting and beautiful.

Working in the garden offers many benefits, including stress relief, immune support, physical activity, and improved mental health. Another big perk is the beauty your garden area adds to your home.

Every garden offers its own unique beauty through the use of greenery and flowers. Artwork adds to that beauty in many ways, from adding more colour and texture to creating a certain feeling.

Outdoor artwork comes in many forms. You might choose a simple wooden barrel for a rustic touch or install a massive metal sculpture as the centrepiece of your garden.

If you're up in the air on whether or not to decorate your garden, read these five benefits of adding artwork to your landscaped areas.

1. Show Your Personality

Your garden plant choices are a reflection of your personality, but many gardens tend to look similar.

Garden art is a better way to show your personality and your style preferences, whether you prefer rustic, modern, flashy, quirky, or refined. Just like artwork inside your home, garden art can help create a certain mood or feeling that represents who you are.

2. Create a Themed Garden

Another use for outdoor artwork in your garden is to create a theme.

You might choose a metal koala sculpture to create an Australian wildlife theme or butterfly decorations to emphasise a butterfly garden theme. Perhaps you want to honor your beloved Australian shepherd with a fitting sculpture.

Plants and flowers often can't convey a specific theme, so the artwork helps carry the idea you want to create. 

3. Add Texture, Colour, Movement, and Height

Artwork offers a contrast to the living plants in your garden in many ways. Whether you choose metal, glass, or plastic garden decor, it creates textural differences that add visual appeal to the space. The mix of materials and textures draws the eye to earn your garden more attention.

Artwork can also add unique colours that you can't easily get with plants. You might add vividly coloured pieces or neutrals made from copper or other metal.

Some artwork introduces movement into the garden. Install a spinner made of metal or accented in colourful glass pieces to add movement to your landscaped areas. The movement creates an intriguing look and makes people notice your garden more.

Choose a tall piece of garden art to vary the height of your area. Many flowers and typical garden plants are low to the ground. A tall garden ornament continues the decoration higher and creates an attractive layered look.

4. Accentuate Your Plants and Structures

You can use artwork to draw attention to your favourite plants. You might use an old barrel, bathtub, or other items as a planter to draw attention to the plants inside the container. Placing an eye-catching ornament next to a favourite plant can make it more noticeable.

If you have large trees in your yard, install a piece of artwork on the trunk or in the branches to create a beautiful silhouette against the sky. If you don't have any large trees, a pergola post or fence post also works well.

When choosing garden art, consider the size and placement to best accentuate your favourite plants. Avoid anything too big or flashy that might overshadow your plants completely.

5. Fill Empty Spots

A piece of art is a filler option for an empty spot in your garden.

You might have a shady patch or an area that gets too much rain to grow plants well. That patch of shade is perfect for getting out of the hot Australian sun, but it can also look a little plain without anything growing there. The artwork dresses up that bare area and solves the issue of nothing growing there.

You can also use the artwork to fill in gaps in the landscaping. It can fill in the space between two bushes at the back of your landscaped garden area.

Find Decorations for Every Garden

Sweet decorations make every garden look even more attractive. They also help draw attention to your green thumb! Choose pieces strategically to complement your existing garden features and create a harmonious look.

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