6 Australian-Made Christmas Gift Ideas

6 Australian-Made Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas is the perfect time to show those you love how much they mean to you. We've carefully curated our top picks of long-lasting, Australian-made Christmas gifts that we know your loved ones will love! 

1. Koala

The truly iconic Koala is the perfect Christmas gift to send overseas for loved ones you can't see this Christmas, or for any Australia-lovers in your life. 

2. Goanna

Our Goanna was designed in collaboration with Victorian Aboriginal artist, Mick Harding. Featuring a beautiful Aboriginal design, our Goanna looks great against the light.

3. Bilby

The Bilby is known as Australia's Easter Bunny, but we think it's the perfect gift for any time of the year! A long-lasting gift that will have them bouncing! 

4. Dragonfly

One of our most popular designs for its intricate details, our Dragonfly will add beauty to any garden.

5. Mini Animal Pack

Everything is cuter when its mini! So we turned our favourite Australian animals into minis! Featuring a mini Kangaroo, Wombat and Quokka they make the perfect gift for any animal-lover or split them up to use as stocking fillers!

6. E-Gift Card

We know that it can be hard to pick the perfect gift for your loved one, or sometimes they're just fussy! So if you're undecided or running late this year, we have the perfect gift for you to give to them! Our E-Gift Card can be e-mailed immediately and directly to you so you can still have the perfect gift, even on Christmas Day!
These are just a few of our favourites, but there are plenty more Australian animals who want to be gifted this year. To check out our full range, click below.