animalia and Alisa Tanaka-King Design Collab.

animalia and Alisa Tanaka-King Design Collab.

animalia and Alisa Tanaka-King Design Collab.

animalia is delighted to collaborate with Alisa Tanaka-King, a very talented local artist. We wanted to anchor our animal art with a softer, graphic element based on Australian native flora and fauna so we commissioned Alisa to develop a style that suited our brand and that has become an important brand element.

Alisa illustrated each of the animals in our range in a simple stylised illustration, capturing the cuteness and character of each animal.

As an important aspect of our brand is to celebrate Australian flora in addition to the animals, we asked Alisa to design some flora elements. These needed to not dominate the animals, rather compliment them and strike a chord with members of the animalia family who also celebrate our great country and iconic trees, bushes and flowers.


The final piece took some time to develop from concept to final illustration and was a true collaboration between artist and client! We wanted to show all of our range for launch and integrate the flora components. It was important that the animals remained the hero and that the flora tied the range together and didn’t over dominate the drawing. Alisa achieved the outcome we wanted 10x over with this collage illustration!



This collab. worked because of Alisa’s skills and experience. Her practice focuses on sustainability and the handmade. Her work is often non-traditional in form, combining installation and the drawn line with live performance. The collage is now the centre piece of our packaging and provides a lovely, gentle surprise for the person receiving their piece of animalia art.


Aside from her solo practice, Alisa coordinates the Community Arts Program at Ballarat Community Health in Victoria. Here Alisa runs art and drama workshops, education programs, and creative support groups.

animalia is delighted to have Alisa as part of our family and we love the outcomes of the design collab we’ve worked on together.