We Have Adopted Two Koalas

We Have Adopted Two Koalas

We have adopted two Koalas!

Yes, you are reading that right! We are so excited to announce that we've got two new members of our animalia family! Introducing... Gracie and Alfie! 

Who are Gracie and Alfie?

Gracie and Alfie are two beautiful Koalas who live at Ballarat Wildlife Park and that we are sponsoring via Save The Koala. Gracie is a cute young girl who was given a second chance at life after she was brought in as an orphan from the wild. She is a snuggle bug and will always seek out her keeper for a hug. She also enjoys riding around on her keepers back like a backpack. 

Gracie has recently become a first time mum to the adorable fluffball, Alfie. Alfie loves to cuddle up with his mum, but every now and then ditches mum for cuddles with aunty Pearl or papa Winston

We just cannot wait to go out to Ballarat Wildlife Park to visit our new family! 

Who is the Australian Koala Foundation?

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat.

The AKF was formed in 1986. Since their founding, and under the direction of Chairman Deborah Tabart OAM, the AKF has grown from a small group of people interested in researching koala disease, to a well-known, global organisation with a strong track record in strategic koala research, conservation and community education with a huge focus on mapping -
their absolute strength. Koala Map is now provided to the public free of charge.

The AKF is completely self- funded and does not take one dollar from any level of Government. This gives the AKF an incredibly free voice for the Koala and for the protection of its habitat.

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head to Save The Koala to donate or sponsor a Koala of your own!


animalia will continue to align and collaborate with organisations that protect and look after Australia’s wonderful flora and fauna assets due to our love of this great country.