Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Need a Mother's Day present?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we know how hard it is to come up with unique gift ideas for Mum, so we’ve pulled together a simple selection that you can choose from this Mother’s Day.

To celebrate our Mums during this difficult time, we are giving away a FREE GIFT with every purchase! Each order will receive a free Baby Frog. Automatically added at checkout – so get shopping!

Our garden art is 100% Australian Made and the perfect contactless Mother’s Day gift to bring a smile to Mum's face while in isolation. Unique Australian Made gifts in beautiful packaging – the perfect choice this Mother’s Day! Check out our top picks below:


You can still spend ‘koala-ty’ time with Mum even if you can’t visit her during isolation! Send Mum one of our Koalas and you can even take credit for the pun – we know it will make Mum smile!



 Since group exercise is sanctioned during this period,  get Mum ‘hopping’ with joy thanks to the adorable Kangaroo! Celebrating our iconic Australian animals, the Kangaroo and do no wrong. 




Our latest release is a gift with a cause! Give Mum a beautiful piece of garden art and with each purchase we are donating $2 to Bush Heritage Australia in support of the conservation of our precious Bilby.



Unfortunately we can’t guarantee this one will turn into a Prince… but Mum will love it none the less, just the way Mums have loved us despite our flaws! A cute small design that is perfect for Mums with lots of pot plants or a garden bed… we see you!




One of our most popular designs, you can’t go wrong with our Dragonfly this Mother’s Day! The intricate wings and beautiful design mean it creates a stunning silhouette in Mum’s garden.



Can’t decide which animalia design your Mum will love the most this Mother's Day? We’ve got you covered! Why not send the gift of choice! Gift Cards are a wonderful way to let Mum explore the range and select a favourite!


But wait… there’s more! Shop the rest of our range below to find the perfect unique gift for Mum this Mother’s Day.