About Us

A proudly Australian company, proudly making our favourite animals for you to proudly display! We believe in the therapeutic powers of Australian nature, whether that is your balcony, back or front garden or acres of land, we hope to bring a little something special to that space.

Our designs are curated to not only look good, but with context in mind. Each work of art is designed with thought and research using poses that bring them to life and create beautiful shadowing and silhouettes to help make your garden a unique sanctuary.

We want each animal to have a personality, changing and moving with the light of the sun and developing a unique patina throughout the seasons.

In relentless pursuit of all things local, our packaging and product are all made right here in Australia, with our operations and support also on home soil to help out if you ever need.

So, thank you for being a part of our journey and becoming a member of the animalia Family.