How To Install

Your animalia art comes ready to install – all you need is a hammer (and maybe a drill).

For installation into trees and posts


Choose a tree or post that will be your animal's new home. animalia designs look best framed against open sky, so their silhouette can come to life.


Firmly hold your animal at your chosen height, spiky tip pointing into the wood.


Use a hammer to bury the tip about 3 cm into the wood, leaving the animal sitting out.
If you’re finding it difficult to hammer in your animalia design, you’re probably dealing with a harder wood – try drilling a small pilot hole before hammering your animalia design in.

For installation into lawns and gardens


Choose your preferred location that will be your animal’s new home. animalia designs look best when their background contrasts with the animal so their silhouette can come to life. 


Firmly hold your animal and push it into the soil or lawn. If necessary use the peg supplied (kangaroos and dogs only) to add stability to your installation. Feed the top of the peg into the slot in the animal and tap the top of the peg gently until it is firmly embedded in the soil (or lawn).

Enjoy native Australian animals by animalia in your garden!