Animalia Family Photo Of The Month

Animalia Family Photo Of The Month

Each month, our animalia family send us their favourite photos of their animalia design to go in the draw to win bragging rights as 'Animalia Family member of the month' and a $50 voucher!

We would like to thank each and every one of you who have sent us photos of your birds and for your ongoing support. We'd love to give everyone a family member of the month award but unfortunately that is not possible! 

Below are a list of our winners so far:


René S:

René's Koala, Kangaroo & Wombat made it all the way to Netherlands and he added a special coating to them to give them a silver look. We love the creativity René!


René says: Both the wombat and the kangaroo arrived in the second week of Januari 2021, and are now sitting in our garden, close to our koala. We chose to give them a silver Hammerite coat, to protect them from our colder climate, and to make them stand out better against the dark background.


Samantha B:

Samantha says: “Buster the Bilby on guard duty in the vegetable garden. He's a great addition and also the garden greeter, at the closest bed to the gate.”


Jan M:

Jan says: "Wanda Wombat likes to explore the garden and investigate any flowers she finds".


Holly L:

Holly says: “My animal is the Bilby. I love these animals so much that I based my design logo around them. I like that Animalia choose to highlight animals like Bilbies because they are often forgotten about”.


Sean T:

Sean says: The purchase of my new garden friend the Green Tree Frog has been set up and along with his mate I’ve created “Frog Lane” on my balcony."

May be an image of indoor


Edith S:

Edith says: They are our Aussie family in the garden".



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